View Full Version : buying black diamond ring - (flawless)?

07-20-2009, 10:33 AM
Hi Everyone

I found this forum whilst searching for information, have joined and now my questions begin...Hopefully one or more of you helpful people will shed some light. lol(sorry)

So as the title states, I have found a ring (engagement) which states it is a flawless black black diamond. online from a hatton garden jewellers here in the UK

can you get a flawless black diamond?
what is AAA black diamond?
will light shine through at all or just bounce off?
are they usually opaque or translucent?

It states they are natural, brilliant cut.

my girlfriend really wants a black diamond one as she like difefrent things and is into geology.

they are really cheap and said to be worthless in the past but becoming more fashionable at the moment, I am not looking for an investment opportunity but is it a waste of money?

I think I will buy one with colourless diamonds down the sides maybe and do want to get it in platinum to make it look better against the black.

most black diamond rings seem to be mounted on white gold, is there a reason for this? some websites mention that they are heavy?

will stop asking questions now as there is quite a lot there.

Any help you could offer me would be greatly appreciated.

many thanks