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Default diamond flouresence

Why do diamonds glow blue under UV lamps?
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Definition and Causes of Diamond Fluorescence

Fluorescent diamonds are ones which seem to change their color depending on the type of light to which they are exposed. The ultraviolet light from the sun as well as fluorescent lighting will make the stone change its appearance when under these conditions. Fluorescence is detailed on diamond grading reports in a few different ways. The grading report will describe the level of fluorescence as well as provide the color which is emitted when under ultraviolet light or in fluorescent lighting conditions. The main colors which fluorescent diamonds produce include blue, white and yellow.

Issues Associated with Fluorescent Diamonds

Fluorescent diamonds are not bad things to have in and of themselves. In fact, depending on the type of fluorescence, a diamond may actually have more appealing traits in the end. However, there are a few issues surrounding fluorescence. First, an individual may not know what their diamond really looks like until they purchase it and get it home. The light at home may make the diamond look different from how it looked in the store.

Secondly, certain fluorescent stones will be worth more than other types of fluorescent diamonds so it is important to know about the fluorescence aspect up front. This will help the consumer to find a diamond which is not only the perfect color for them but also the perfect price when viewed alongside the type of fluorescent diamond. In general, a blue fluorescent diamond will often be worth more than one which has a yellow fluorescence to it.

Ways to Discover More About Diamond Fluorescence

Since fluorescence can affect the overall appearance of a diamond, it is important that one learns as much about fluorescence as possible. There are a few ways in which one can gather information about this subject and be prepared when it comes time to make your purchase. The first way to learn about fluorescence is to use the Internet or books to research the topic. Although it can be a bit difficult to understand in the beginning, it is not an overly exhaustive process to learn about this subject. Once one gains the initial insight into fluorescence, learning about it is quite easy.

Another way to find out more about fluorescence in general as well as the fluorescent aspects of a particular diamond is to inquire with the jeweler who is selling the item. Ask if the jeweler can describe the concept and show different examples of how a diamond will look underneath different types of lighting. This is a great way to determine if the diamond which you are considering purchasing is one which will give off the best possible color in all lighting conditions. In addition, one should ask to see the diamond grading report to determine the fluorescence level and color of a particular diamond.
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Default Diamond Flouresence

In a nutshell, diamond flouresence is a characteristic of a diamond, in the same way that colour and clarity is. It is a natural occurring phenomenon.

If you want to be safe, look for diamonds with no or faint flouresence. The other consideration is how flouresence affects the value of a diamond. With this in mind, you can assume that the stronger the flouresence, the less valuable the diamond.
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