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Default Almost ready to buy, look good? & Metals question

Hi everyone,
Others have posted the stats on their diamond looking for some buyer confidence from the experts, and I'm hoping to benefit from the same thing. I'm considering purchasing a diamond with the following grades (GIA):

Shape: Round Brilliant
Cut: Excellent
Color: F
Carat w: 1.06
Clarity: SI1 (I was told it is eye clean at least from top down)
Polish: Very good
Symmetry: Excellent
Fluorescence: Medium blue
Culet: none
Table %: 57
Depth %: 62.1
Girdle: med-slightly thick
Price: $4495

This diamond will most likely be mounted in a platinum solitaire setting.

Which brings me to another question: What are your thoughts on 950Pt/050Ru for platinum settings. I've heard this is a great mix; adds some hardness/durability while still maintaining the desirable characteristics of platinum. Any thoughts on this vs. other platinum mixes or other metals altogether?

Thanks so much for your help,
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